1-2 chicken breast or 10 chicken tenders (cut into small pieces), marinated in soy sauce for ½ hr.
3 eggs
2 carrots (finely chopped or shredded)
½ white onion (finely chopped)
¾ c. frozen peas
¼ c. butter
1-2 garlic cloves crushed or 1 teas garlic powder.
2 c. white rice cooked (not instant)

In a large frying pan cook chicken in small amount of olive oil. Add carrots and onions & sauté until onions are clear. Add frozen peas and cook until soft.

Add rice to mixture

In another pan scramble 3 eggs, and add to above mixture. Melt butter, add garlic cloves to butter. Stir and add to mixture.

Mix all together well. Add extra soy sauce to taste. Enjoy!

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